Tractor Services

Land preparation is critical in the agriculture value chain. Often times, women are at the bottom in the land preparation stage. They are the last to get access to tractor services which affects their yields at the end of the harvest season. Our focus as a company has been to render tractor services to women smallholder farmers at a discounted rate to enable them prepare their farm lands in time saving them a lot of time and energy in land preparation.

Threshing Services

Post harvest loses due to the inability of farmers to properly thresh their grains especially maize, sorghum and Soybean at the end of the farming season poses a threat to food security at the community level. Farmers loses a lot during this period. Our company is closing this gap by providing timely threshing services for smallholder farmers to help reduce the post harvest loses. We support our women out grower schemes with these services to ease the burden of manually threshing the grains.

Fertilizer Distribution

We distribute and retail both organic and inorganic fertilizer products to our farmers. We ensure farmers get access to timely distribution of fertilizers with the right quantity. We also ensure our farmers are getting quality fertilizer from manufacturers. We supply other agrochemicals like fungicide, insecticide, selective and non-selective weedicides.

Certified Seed Production

We produce and sell certified seeds to farmers in order to produce good yields at the end of the farming. As a company, we make sure farmers are getting the right quantity and quality and also ensuring value for money. 

Training and Advisory Services

Our team of technical experts offer trainings and advisory services to smallholder farmers to improve on their yields. We train farmers in good and safe agronomic farming practices, handling agro-chemical, climate smart agriculture and conservation agriculture. These trainings are carried out through our demonstration farms scattered across communities in the Upper West Region.

Crop Aggregation

We buy farm produce like grains at fair market prices from farmers and supply to major manufacturing and processing companies both locally and internationally.